Performer, Instructor, Consultant

Marina has been performing and teaching improvisational comedy for over 15 years. She is well-versed in longform, short-form, musical, and narrative styles. 


Marina is also a DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) Director. She's consulted for theaters and businesses internationally. As a queer woman of color, her DEI expertise comes from both formal education and life experience. 



Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Clients

  • ACME Theatre, Los Angeles 

  • Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto, Canada

  • ComedySportz College Team, Los Angeles

  • Cornerstone Improv, San Diego


DEI Basics

Have Fun, Play Game!

Leading Ladies

Move It!

Listen Up!

How to Coach

DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) policies are vital for all theaters. Learn how to develop, implement, and maintain DEI systems that fit your specific theater and community.

Heard of "game," but not sure what it is? Read the UCB book, but still a little foggy? This workshop simplifies game for both beginners and veterans. Learn the most straightforward techniques to getting out of your head while setting up effective games for your scenes. 

Build on your already-existing confidence. Learn concrete ways to support the ideas, perspectives, and choices of your scene partners. Participants will command the spotlight and let their ideas fly free!

The most active scenes are usually the most fun! This workshop helps develop the habit of talking less, and moving more. With safety first, performers will move according to their own abilities and comfort.

Master the most undervalued skill in improv: listening. Being a pro-listener will calm your play and draw fellow performers into your scenes. Expert listening is a rare superpower! 

Whether you're coaching independent teams or directing for a theater, gain concrete tools for writing curriculum, teaching exercises, and instruction methods for students of all experience levels.