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Marina Mastros Acting Reel
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Marina Mastros Acting Reel

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Marina Mastros Hosting Reel



Marina has been performing improv comedy for over twenty years. She has studied at UCB Los Angeles, iO Chicago, ComedySportz LA, and Impro Theatre. Marina is well-versed in longform, short-form, musical, and narrative improv.


Marina has also been teaching improv for over fifteen years. She was an instructor at iO West and the National Comedy Theatre (NCT) in San Diego. She has been on various house teams at UCBTLA, iO West, Second City Hollywood, and NCT San Diego. She's performed at and festivals across the U.S. and internationally. 


Marina also works as a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultant. She was also the Inclusion Director at iO West. Marina's expertise comes from both formal education and her own life experience as a queer and biracial woman of color.

DEI Client List

  • ACME Theatre, Los Angeles ​

  • Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto, Canada

  • ComedySportz College Team, Los Angeles

  • Cornerstone Improv, San Diego

  • Edinburgh International Improv Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

  • iO West, Los Angeles

  • Neighborhood Comedy Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Phoenix Improv Festival, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Sidestage Improv, San Diego

  • World's Greatest Improv School, Los Angeles


See list below of DEI clients and available workshops.




Height: 5'6"

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown​

Location: Los Angeles


Marina Mastros is an improvisor born and raised in Los Angeles. She is queer, biracial, and Chicana. She can be seen in the fourth season of Mission Unstoppable currently airing on CBS. Catch her live onstage with Sassy Bluff, a UCB Los Angeles improv team, and MAX, a former iO West Harold team.

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